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Steven Brower: Influence, Parody, and Process
Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ
Ice House Gallery
September 10 – November 16, 2012
Illustrated lecture by the artist:
Thursday, September 13, 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Wilson Hall Auditorium:
Reception follows in the Ice House Gallery from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Free and Open to the Public


A lot has been going on and I’m way behind in posting. Easiest to post links:

I’m now a regular contributor to Imprint, Print Magazine’s online blog:

Great review of my new book from powerHouse Golden Age Western Comics here:

PowerHouse book also has a great new book of interviews and photos of comic creators by writer Christopher Irving (who wrote the intro to my book) and photographer Seth Kushner, Leaping Tall Buildings: The Origins of American Comics

While I’m at it, Fantagraphics will release my Out of the Shadows next month, the first reprint book dedicated to Mort Meskin:

And they just released the third volume of their Ditko reprints by Blake Bell, Mysterious Traveler: The Steve Ditko Archives:

And lastly, I was quoted in an article on Jack Kirby in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Same Kirby cover article, new home…

I have an article up on the PRINT website on Jack Kirby:’t-judge-kirby-by-his-covers/

One thing unmentioned in the article is that there is a boycott of all things Marvel/Disney which I fully support.

As the petition says Kirby played a primary role in the creation of the “Marvel Universe” now worth billions, yet receives no such credit and his heirs are not paid any royalties. Kirby is one of many other comic book creators who have been treated shabbily over the years. The Kirby estate is currently appealing a court decision in favor of Marvel/Disney and now is the time to send Marvel a message.


After finally seeing the film Helvetica (which I highly recommend) I went back and redesigned by poster for the conference. As much as I like it I think its time had come and gone.

Hard to believe it was 6 conferences ago when I was the keynote at the very first Thinking Creatively conference at Kean University. Co-sponsored by the Art Directors Club of New Jersey, this year’s, to be held on April 3 & 4, is going to be terrific.

Here’s my poster design:


You can check out details (and register) here.

I only took me 3 years but I finally got around to opening a Cafe Press store to sell my “Love You” designs. Why stare at a Brower when you can wear a Brower?

A few semesters ago I gave two of my graphic design classes what I thought was an interesting assignment. I asked them to each mail me a letter and to make the address as illegible as possible and yet still be able to be delivered by the post office. I also instructed them to make the return address perfectly legible so that they would be returned to the students. After these envelopes were returned, I then anticipated having a long discussion on how form follows function and the importance of legibility within a specific context. However, the post office did not cooperate. They made every attempt to deliver the mail, beyond all expectations. They went so far as to color in ( with markers, colored pencils and graphite) areas that were nearly impossible to read. They interpreted the undecipherable, decoded the unintelligible, analyzed the unrecognizable and delivered the mail. True to their motto, they employed unconventional techniques to reach their goals. The classroom discussion became one of simple amazement and appreciation of the lengths a bureaucracy was willing to go to to complete their job and serve the public. It forced us to reevaluate exactly what legibility is. The following are the actual envelopes exactly as they arrived (or in a few cases didn’t). I have removed the return addresses and for the record, my studio is no longer at the address shown, if you can decipher it.

My upcoming book from H.N. Abrams is featured in the current issue of the Paris Review:

Somehow Louis managed to play 300 dates per year, influence generations of jazz musicians and singers, star in motion pictures and on television AND create over 500 collages on the tape boxes of his personal recordings. He also collaged in scrapbooks, on walls, wrote three autobiographies, was a voracious letter writer, and all around cultural icon. The book will feature 200 plus works of art, due out in spring 2009.