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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Two things just in:

My interview with Dan Nadel about Mort on the Comics Comics blog:

And an excellent review (with a few minor quibbles) at the Christian Science

And this wonderful write up which follows. Mort’s son Peter belongs to a monthly luncheon with a group of “Writers, Artists and Thinkers.” Michael Sklaar, was kind enough to write an announcement for Peter to the group:

Dear Writers, Artists, and Thinkers,

Something unexpected and very special every now and then comes our way. And sometimes we don’t even recognize it.

A few weeks ago Peter Meskin, son of one of the crucially formative comic book artists, Mort Meskin, showed me a just-off-the-press copy of a book about his father: From Shadow to Light: The Life & Art of Mort Meskin. The book is truly fabulous and we spent an hour or more going through it over breakfast. I realized shortly after viewing the book that anyone seriously interested in American history and what it was like to be an American in the 20th century couldn’t do so unless he or she was versed in comic book art. We have moved onto a different age where 2-dimensional popular art no longer interprets our experience. Or if it does, it does so in an emotionally uninvolving way—angry, bland, depressive.

Gone are the colors and the broad storyboard strokes that evoked motion and menace. Gone too are heroes who fight for justice or just laugh at themselves, their love and work lives, and their foibles. From Shadow to Light, though reminds us of just how much we have left behind. The fact that the author is Steven Brower and Peter’s nuanced input was not only sought after, but used enhances the book immeasurably.

Peter will be at this Friday’s lunch, so if you are able to, stop by and treat yourself. If not here is a link to the book including a video of someone thumbing through its pages: