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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Summer’s over as far as I am concerned. The semester has begun and I’m busy with two book projects (more on that later). Recently I completed two design projects.


The first is the current issue of The Nation, which is out now. It is the September 21, 2009 edition and a “special issue” on the global politics of food. I hired illustrator (and singer songwriter) Tim Robinson to not only create the title out of food, but to do initials caps comprised of food to be scattered throughout. He also did five illustrations, which gives the issue a nice cohesiveness.



I also designed the publicity materials for my friend Martin Fox’s play Two-Handers which was part of The Midtown International Theatre Festival in NYC. My daughter Janna did the illustration. Marty was my editor at Print, and the Editor-in-Chief there for about 40 years. He is responsible, along with art director Andrew Kner, for turning Print from a small printing and design magazine in the early 1960s into a major voice in the design world. The play is excellent as well.