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Monthly Archives: September 2008

I only took me 3 years but I finally got around to opening a Cafe Press store to sell my “Love You” designs. Why stare at a Brower when you can wear a Brower?

Thanks to my buddy Steve Cohen for the header. Now that Satchmo is off to the printer I’ve dug into my next book project, on the seminal comic book artist Mort Meskin for Fantagraphics. To that end I have begun a yahoo group for those who love his work or want to find out more and discuss:

Meskin is one of the unsung heroes of comic book art. Beginning his career in 1938 he was one of the twentieth century’s most influential comic book artists. His drawing technique, use of shadows and light, and storytelling ability are considered by many to be without par. Sheena of the Jungle, Vigilante, Ty-Gor son of Tiger, The Press Guardian, Dick Storm, Johnny Quick, Starman and Wildcat are among his earliest characters. Working with Jerry Robinson the team produced The Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Golden Lad, and Atoman. Next he worked for the legendary Simon and Kirby studio, producing work for Black Magic, Boys Ranch, Captain 3D, Headline, Justice Traps the Guilty, Young Romance, Young Love, and The Strange World of Your Dreams. From 1954 through 1965 he worked for DC on such titles as House of Secrets, House of Mystery, Strange Adventures, My Greatest Adventures and others.

When the folks at The Nation asked me to help with their September 29th issue I leapt at the chance. Their idea was to do a McCain/Palin cover along the lines of the The New Yorker‘s controversial “The Politics of Fear” cover by Barry Blitt from July.

The challenge was how to pull off a parody of a parody. I knew illustrator Karen Caldicott would be the perfect choice. Her wonderful, humorous sculptures would lend the right touch. I think her illustration works great on many levels.

It’s already creating a buzz out on the blogs.

The issue is on the stands now.