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I was told this story while an undergrad at SVA. I do not know if it is an apocryphal tale or not. Indeed if anyone knows please comment. Still seems quite pertinent today.

There was an inventor in the 1800’s who came up with a machine that would type letters, by pressing keys, something that did not exist at the time. He spent several decades up in the mountains working on it, living like a hermit, with no distractions from the outside world. Finally he was ready to show it to others. He needed help lifting it into his horse drawn wagon, as it was quite large and heavy. He headed down the mountain towards the city to go to the patent office. Finally he arrived at the office and walked through the door. At the front desk was a secretary typing away on her portable typewriter.


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  1. Funny, yet sad story.
    I also heard another interesting story about Edison.
    There was another guy off on his own, working on the light bulb. He sent in a patent claim for it, but it was “lost or misplaced” so the guy, his name escapes me, lost out to Edison’s version of the bulb. The interesting thing is that Edison was working at the patent office when that guy made his claim

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