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Since September 2004 I have been running the Design Studio at Kean University. It is a great opportunity for students about to graduate to have printed pieces in their portfolios, and many have won design awards in the professional categories. I also like the fact that we get to help charities in need of donated design services. You can view our work at:

THE DESIGN STUDIO at Kean University is both an advanced course taken for credit by students in the BFA Visual Communications major and an active design studio providing communication design services to the University and to non-profit community at large. The Design Studio has been in continuous operation since 1975, begun by Martin Holloway, and also run for many years by Alan Robbins. In that time it has produced hundreds of projects for regional non-profit organizations and institutions, particularly those offering social, medical, educational and cultural services. The quality of graphic design provided by the studio, as a service of the professional BFA degree program, would be prohibitively costly for the non-profit clients of the studio. The students provide, in the studio’s service learning atmosphere, professional level design other wise unavailable to its clients. From the academic perspective, students enrolled in the course are exposed to the practical constraints and opportunities of producing actual design projects for real clients. This on-the-job experience is unique and invaluable.

Of special note is The Talk Chart, created by Alan Robins and the Design Studio students. It is a Sappi award winner, and is distributed worldwide free of charge to thousands of hospitals. It is an aid for the infirm to help them communicate.


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